Our Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years of collecting with integrity and excellence. 

Our agency provides a superior level of customer service, while consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations. 

We understand that all debt and all clients are not the same. 

As a result, we at Local Data Recovery L.L.C., have several departments that specialize in solely collecting on those specific files.  

Our Client Base


 Our client base is among top tier Auto Deficiency, Credit Card and Retail issuers across the country. L.D.R has immediate capacity, resources and specific industry/product expertise for any size or custom project. We have call center, collections, and recovery management experience and preregistration services both on and off-site. Our inbound and outbound calling capacity is an expandable system to accept increased volumes. Our first-party collection expertise is aimed at reducing charge off and delinquent account management. Our third-party recovery service is available at all stages of delinquency, before and post-charge-off.   

Our Values


 Local Data Recovery opened its doors  to provide superior recovery and exceptional customer service. We have spent years gaining experience, education and  training to  give our employees an edge over the competitors. Our objective is to provide you with a higher liquidation rate and a positive impact on your bottom line. We are committed to exceeding our client's individual needs; while assisting debtors respectively. We stay current to new strategies that emerge in receivables management and pro-actively integrate them into our corporate structure. L.D.R will increase your revenue through the professional management of your accounts receivable.