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Revenue Recovery


  Revenue recovery is an important factor in the growth of every large or small business. Numerous companies, corporations, and individual parties have lost their businesses, as well as their personal revenue due to this type of loss. We can assist you immediately in collecting on revenue from the point in time an account is created through the charge off process.

Customer Service


 Our trained support staff will be the direct point of contact with your customers. We will handle all correspondence with the debtor, provide them with account updates and monitor collection progress.  Our staff is vigorously trained in compliance of all State and Federal regulations,  HIPAA, FDCPA, and FCRA. Our support staff handle dedicated accounts and provide personalized service for each client portfolio. 


Accounts Receivable Management


We provide fully customized solutions designed to increase revenue, provide positive customer service, lower the cost to collect, and improve the overall customer experience. The collection methodology utilized is directly related to each provider's internal policies, procedures, and requirements. Consumer-centric, multi-channel receivables communications are utilized to drive consumer responses and increase payments. 

Contingency Collections


The best way to protect your profits is the early identification and referral of doubtful accounts. The longer you wait to refer the account, the less likely the account will be collected. Statistically, the likelihood of collection after a debt has aged to more than 150 days past due is less than 10%!  Contact with the debtor must be made immediately, and this requires an intense investigative and follow-up strategy. When contact is made, we employ our high-impact communication techniques. We ask fact-finding questions that help us determine the debtor's willingness and ability to pay, as well as the factor(s) that will likely motivate him or her to pay. Our sliding-scale contingency fees are highly competitive, and we consistently get results on accounts that other agencies have been unable to collect.

Skip Tracing


 Our team will make every effort to contact your consumers to begin debt recovery for your accounts.  We optimize industry technology to maximize a minimum of four phone attempts every week on all new accounts with a valid phone number, within the guidelines of the FDCPA. All interactions with consumers are documented and consumers’ account information is updated accordingly. When we receive accounts with outdated information 

we perform skip tracing activities to attempt to locate the consumer. At L.D.R. we routinely research and test new tools and methods to enhance our skip tracing process.

Specialized Services


We can offer specialized services in any of the follow areas: 


· Bank Credit Cards

· Retail Credit Cards

· Medical


· Loans

· Lines of Credit

· Deficiency

· Commercial

· Purchased Debt

· Auto

· Dismissed Bankruptcy

· Sub-Prime Credit Card

· Utilities

· Credit Unions

· Property Management

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